Review documents more efficiently than with hard copies, PDF or by loading emails to your Outlook. RuleOne allows you to handle the entire workflow from beginning to end without any technical experience, expensive software or third-party vendors.

Drag & Drop Your Files To Get Started


Upload e-mails, documents, PDFs, ZIPs, images and load files right into the browser. Import Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, Office 365. All of the data is de-duplicated and OCR’d. Email families are kept intact and attachments are extracted.

Boost Your Review Capabilities


RuleOne’s lightning fast built-in viewer makes doc-to-doc navigation seamless. And our Quick Tag features allow users to easily create, sort, apply or remove tags on the fly.

Simply search, review, tag and produce.

Search Like a Pro

If you can google, then you can find relevant documents.  Our Search Assist features can automatically help you build out search queries. RuleOne also supports advanced searching language functionality.  Search terms are highlighted in both the search results and in the document. Search text or just the metadata fields. Save searches you want share with your team. Go nuts! 

SmartSort Technology

Find information faster with our SmartSort technology.  Automatically detect people, organizations, locations and dates in every document. Click on an individual or organization name, and quickly see all of the documents associated to them. Save time and effort.   

Zero in on exactly what you are looking for.

Tag and Go

RuleOne tagging

With RuleOne, you can create a tagging structure that makes sense to you. Easily create, sort, access, apply or remove tags on the fly.  Propagate tags to parent e-mails and associated ‘children’ attachments.

Create custom tagging workflows, Privilege Logs, 1st Level Review, Depo Prep, and for productions.  Even access and sort tags directly from the summary dashboard.

Productions have never been easier


RuleOne’s Production Wizard walks the user through the production process. Produce in a number of formats and applications such as native only, PDF, TIFFs or a hybrid production. Create production logs and even share productions through a secured link.

In The Cloud.

RuleOne lives in the AWS Enterprise Cloud ecosystem meaning your data is protected using bank grade security.  We take advantage of high-performance processing, fast access to files and availability of an unlimited number of systems.   Our users also benefit from our active development cycle. As we enhance the platform, the user benefits from those features in realm time.


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