Have You Geared Your eDiscovery Towards Maintaining Your Clients?

Takeaway: Clients choose and stay with you since they trust you to convey quality work, on schedule, and at a reasonable price. Good eDiscovery services enable you to do this: It’ll let you take on bigger cases, protect customer information, work quicker (so you’ll never miss a cutoff time), and cut expenses.

Customers remain with you since they trust you.

You’ve built an association with them. Also, you’ve demonstrated to them that you can convey quality work, on schedule, at reasonable prices.

But the fastest way to lose this trust is to overlook eDiscovery.

Their organizations keep running on electronic information – messages, PDFs, and Word documents. Which implies that however well you do everything else, without strengthening eDiscovery, your work will be ineffective.

How do you strengthen your eDiscovery? Get the correct eDiscovery platform.

Here are 4 different ways it’ll help:

1. You’ll cut expenses by keeping information in the Cloud.

A large number of law offices store information on private servers – which are costly to set up and keep up. And this pushes up their customers’ bills. Rather, the best eDiscovery applications store information in the ‘Cloud.’ The Cloud is a huge system of computer servers, run by huge tech companies like Amazon and Google. They rent storage and processing capacity out to organizations across the world. Since you’re keeping information on servers alongside a large number of other Cloud-clients, you split the bill. This lets you keep your prices low for your customers.

2. You’ll be capable of dealing with enormous cases. Which means you never need to turn down business.

Cases, for the most part, start small. Some develop quickly though, sometimes out of the blue. It reflects poorly on your firm if you tell your customers you can’t deal with these bigger cases. With Cloud-based eDiscovery platforms, you spare yourself that troublesome conversation. The Cloud has almost endless extra capacity for information. In this way, you can deal with cases that are 150 GB and even larger.

3. You can ensure customers that their information will be protected.

Your customers need to know that their information will stay private and safe. Cloud suppliers help you ensure this.

  • They shield your information from physical harm (fires, floods, and so on.). Furthermore, they have generators to ensure their servers are constantly running.
  • They shield your information from intrusions and hacking. They do thorough security checks on the maintenance and IT experts that interact with the servers. They use innovative security like encoded biometrics to ensure those who have access to their servers are capable and licensed to do so. What’s more, they routinely test their products and equipment to make them unhackable.
  • They encode your information. Also, when you need to erase it, they use crypto-shredding to erase the encryption keys. This ensures your information is erased completely. Additionally, they ‘mask’ (i.e., stow away inside arbitrary characters) private data like credit card details.
  • They have advanced tools to recover information if it is corrupted. Also, they ensure your information doesn’t get erroneously deleted, altered, or mistaken for other clients’ Cloud information.

4. You can work quicker, so you’ll never miss a cutoff time

Great eDiscovery applications are set up to assist you in working quickly.

  • They’re straightforward and easy to control, so you won’t sit around attempting to make sense of them. The best ones work like the well-known applications you already use.
  • They have advanced search engines. Rather than going through hours (or days) skimming through reports, you’ll utilize a search engine to discover keywords in moments. What’s more, the best eDiscovery platforms give you a chance to give incredibly accurate directions like, “Discover all messages that Sam Smith sent Mary Jones which involve the Saren meeting, and which were sent before 2012.”
  • They help limit ‘dead’ time. Since the best eDiscovery applications are Cloud-based, you can get to them from home, the air terminal, and while on the move. That gives you additional pockets of time to deal with your case.
  • They’re continuously running and available since they have devoted in-house technical support. Which means you won’t lose time in case of blackouts or servers that crash.

They help you get backup on tedious tasks by providing ‘managed’ reviews: where a group of external lawyers assists you by reviewing eDiscovery documents for you. This opens up your paralegals, partners, and associates to deal with all the more involved work.

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